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Our Clients

Our clients are mainly medium sized organisations. They represent a broad spectrum of activities. Our non-governmental clients include organisations such as:

•  The United Nations Development Fund (UNDP)
•  Human Right Development Initiative 
•  African Futures Institute.AFI

Our parastatal clients include:

•  South African Rail Commuter Corporation (SARCC)
•  Northern Metropolitan Local Council (NMLC) 
•  The Water Research Commission (WRC) wrc
•  Metrorail 

We have long-term contracts with many of these organisations where we provide support for their networks, desktop PCs and mission critical services such as file servers, databases and messaging systems.

In the private sector, our services are highly valued by all our clients. These vary in industry from Investment firms to ICT companies. Some of these include:

•  General Import Export Africa
•  Plan Architects Inc
•  Tlhalefang Placements
•  Objecutive Inc. ( USA )