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Network Implementation

Network ImplementationThe implementation of new network components and technologies can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task - more particularly, if your in-house staffing is limited in their understanding of the new technologies, or are already fully committed with and in their regular jobs, your deployment objectives may be severely frustrated.  We can offer you the following services to ensure successful deployment:

•  Initial Project planning
•  Network Operating System installation and upgrades
•  Linux servers and clusters
•  Microsoft Windows 2003 Server and Advanced Server
•  Novell NDS and NetWare
•  Desktop Operating System rollouts and upgrades
•  Windows 95/98
•  Windows 2000 Professional
•  Linux
•  Router installation using CISCO, 3COM, Xyplex etc. This includes implementing routing protocols such as OSPF, EIGRP, RIP and NLSP.